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The Save Gillies Hill Campaign

‘The Save Gillies Hill campaign is a community organisation and registered charity in Central Scotland (SC038687),
attempting to protect the historic and environmentally beautiful Gillies Hill from destruction by quarrying, or intrusive
development, thus preserving the habitat, heritage and history of the Hill for present and future generations’. You can find
all the information you need about the Save Gillies Hill campaign, including how you can help, on the website -


Gillies Hill Cliffs and Quarry (W ↔ E)

The main threat to Gillies Hill is the reactivation and expansion of the quarry on the south side (above), and for nothing
more than aggregate to be used for roads. It’s been dormant now for a few decades and nature is reclaiming the area. The
cliffs are even home to one of the world’s fastest animals, the peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus). The photographs below,
taken from the cliff-tops looking down into the quarry, show just how extensive the damage is. It would be a real tragedy if
the quarry reopened and the destruction continued, for all the wildlife, woodland and the local and wider community. The
main focus of the Save Gillies Hill campaign is to permanently close the quarry and bring the Hill into community

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