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Gillies Hill, from which Robert the Bruce’s followers, or Gillies, descended onto the field of the famous Battle of
Bannockburn in 1314, is now an area of semi-natural ancient woodland on the outskirts of Cambusbarron and Stirling. To
the south are the Touch Hills, farmland, various reservoirs, and beautiful streams and waterfalls, such as Gilmour’s Linn
(bottom left). The area is home to a great diversity of plants, animals and fungi.

Gillies Hill from the Touch Road (N ↔ S)

I’m a local wildlife photographer and graduate in Natural Sciences, specialising in
environmental science. I’ve studied many of the plants and animals in the area and consider
myself very fortunate to live only a short walk away from this stunning and productive

countryside. I love to go wandering about and looking for wildlife, taking a few
photographs on the way. I’ve put this booklet together to share some of those experiences
with you – the mammals, birds, amphibians, insects, spiders, plants and fungi – that I’ve
been lucky enough to see. I hope to highlight some of the issues threatening Gillies Hills
future (the quarry and some non-native plant and animal species), and I’d also like to show
my support and appreciation for the local community and those involved with the ‘Save
Gillies Hill’ campaign, who are all working hard to protect its future.

Each and every one of the following wildlife photographs is a reason to save Gillies Hill.

Gilmour’s Linn 5
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