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Letter from Save Gillies Hill to Stirling Council re Paterson Appeal

Stirling Council
Planning Department
Teith House
Kerse Road
Attention: Jane Brooks-Burnett-Senior Planning Manager
November 24, 2020
Dear Jane,

Murrayshall Quarry-Planning Appeal.
The members of Save Gillies Hill, Cambusbarron Community Council, the residents of Cambusbarron, Torbrex. St Ninians, Kings Park and the general public of Stirling are disappointed that Paterson wish to reactivate a quarry which has been dormant for 24 years and which will have a devastating impact on the environment, health, safety and welfare of all residents in Stirling.
We cannot emphasise enough what on-going and long term damage quarrying and the transportation of goods will cause for a lot of years to come while the Government and Councils are attempting to meet a new and improved environment for all.
Approving the new access would be the catalyst to the reactivation of the quarry thus condemning Stirling to the loss of a very important ‘lung’ for the city. By destroying 28 hectares (69 acres) of woodland which absorbs 140 of tonnes of CO2 every year we are condemning the city to an unhealthy environment for the next 70 years. Add a further 100 tonnes of CO2 each year which will be created by the working and transportation of product from the quarry.
All figures are averaged and based on data given by the Government and interested parties.
Stirling Council’s own Sustainable Development Strategy aims ‘to create thriving, vibrant, sustainable communities which will improve everyone’s quality of life’
The Environment Strategy for Scotland clearly identifies the areas that the Council should be tackling now for our future and wellbeing. Any reactivation of the quarry will certainly exacerbate all areas of the environment that has been mentioned to address.
Scotland’s Road Safety Framework 2020 Chapter Six emphasises the dangers for children and young people on the roads. The proposed route that Paterson wish to use for the transportation of goods is not only through residential areas and around the Kings Park but more importantly it is also a main route for hundreds of schoolchildren making their way to and from Stirling High School and St Ninians Primary School, ‘an accident waiting to happen’.
We respectfully suggest that the reactivation of the quarry cannot meet the new legislative targets and strategy set by the Scottish Government for Councils to address on a raft of environmental issues.
The reactivation of the quarry and transportation of goods to and fro totally undermines and prohibits the Government and Councils Environmental Strategy from being achieved. Approval will expose and condemn the citizens of Stirling to an inferior environment for at least 70 years when we consider the time left to quarry and the time for 69 acres of woodland to grow.
Quarrying cannot avoid the increase in destructive and harmful environmental issues and will trigger the escalation of CO2 emissions, air pollution, noise, risk to schoolchildren and road users.
Yours Sincerely,
Iain Munro. Chair & Treasurer

Another battle won but no doubt the war will still go on and we will be prepared to meet the challenge again.

Copy of Letter to Stirling Planning & Stirling Observer.

Save Gillies Hill’s campaigners continue their fight in attempting to save the woodlands around Cambusbarron which are in danger of being destroyed if quarrying is allowed to be revived. As well as the destruction of the hill this campaign again highlights the dreadful harm that transporting the goods through our city roads to and from the quarry could cause.
The Reporter, Scottish Government, scuppered the idea of quarrying to be allowed as the Polmaise Road from the quarry to the Torbrex Bridge was deemed unsuitable. This however has not stopped Patersons, who wish to quarry at Murrayshall, from applying for a new access plus other amendments suggesting their proposals mitigate the concerns that the Reporter highlighted.
What has not been addressed if the quarry gets the green light is the problems the city will be facing, as the transportation of goods to and from the quarry will be via POLMAISE ROAD, KINGS PARK ROAD (historic Victorian quarter, conservation area), QUEENS ROAD, DUMBARTON ROAD, RAPLOCH ROAD, A84 or WEAVER ROW, BORESTONE CRESCENT and GLASGOW ROAD, A872. We respectfully suggest that if the Reporter found the short journey from the quarry to the Torbrex Bridge unsuitable surely the proposed route/s from the bridge through the city are totally unacceptable.
Our new campaign needs the residents and visitors to Stirling to realise the serious implications of 30/40 tonne HGV’s running continuously through sensitive areas for fifteen to twenty years.
A substantial increase in CO2 emissions in our local environment.
A detrimental impact on our Health and Wellbeing.
A serious risk of accidents in areas of heavy footfall especially around school routes and the Kings Park which is used every day by residents and visitors and which holds numerous major events throughout the year.
The detrimental effect on homes as relentless HGV’s run by and which could possibly devalue them.
Our previous campaign had 5466 signatories which are still valid today and will be submitted again to Stirling Council along with our new campaign which already has almost 500 signatures since we launched on Monday 19th November.
Please visit Save Gillies Hill Facebook and add your name to our campaign.
Iain Munro.  Chair-Save Gillies Hill.     


Planning & Building Standards
Stirling Council
Teith House, Kerse Road,
Stirling FK7 7QA
Senior Manager:  Drew Leslie
Tel:     01786 233672
Date:  31 July 2020

Save Gillies Hill
Per Mr Iain Munro
Dear Sir/Madam
Creation of a new access track from Polmaise Road to the south eastern corner of Murrayshall Quarry, settlement ponds along the line of the new access track, soil bunds, a public car park and a segregated woodland footpath running parallel to Polmaise Road,  at Murrayshall Quarry, Polmaise Road To Carron Reservoir, Stirling, ,  - 18/00735/FUL
I refer to your written comments on the above application and am writing to let you know that after considering the proposals, your letter and other comments received, the Council has made a decision to Refuse the application.
Details of the Decision and Report of Handling (if applicable) for this application can be viewed online at  The Report of Handling outlines the assessment of this application including consideration of your comments.
If you wish to discuss the decision, please telephone the office first to arrange an appointment to make sure that the relevant Officer is available.
Thank you for your comments and interest in this application.
Yours faithfully
  Jane Brooks-Burnett
Senior Planning Officer

Save Gillies Hill

Important Notice to all Stirling Citizens.

Petition to protect your Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

Please send a message directly to Stirling Council Planning Department opposing a new access road at Murrayshall Quarry, Cambusbarron which in turn, will in all probability allow the quarry to be reactivated inflicting a long term damaging effect on all residents and visitors in the Kings Park, Torbrex and St Ninians areas.

HGV Horror.

Members and supporters of our charity have been working tirelessly over the past eleven years in an attempt to save the woodlands around Cambusbarron from further destruction by the reactivation of Murrayshall Quarry.
The woodland is home to all sorts of fauna and florae and is enjoyed daily by children, walkers, climbers, mountain bikers, bird watchers, campers and geologists.
Just as important as saving the woodland is saving the citizens of Stirling from the long term suffering, that we will all be affected by, as 20 to 30 tonne HGV’s trundle back and forward through the streets of Stirling for the next 15 to 20 years. This will have a harmful effect to the environment, our wellbeing and put the health and safety of residents at risk.
As a new planning application to access the quarry has been submitted to Stirling Council we respectfully request your agreement of our petition by sending a message direct to the Council for all the reasons detailed therein.

Iain Munro. Chair & Treasurer : Save Gillies Hill.

We are trying to save the beautiful, popular and historic Gillies Hill in Cambusbarron, Stirlingshire, Scotland from being destroyed by the reactivation of quarrying. (For Latest News - Click Here)
Save Gillies Hill -  has helped preserve the Hill since 2007 when re-activation of quarrying was threatened. But that threat is now extreme, with two new quarriers in the frame.

We need to raise several thousand pounds as quickly as possible: the campaign in the past required considerable expense; but now, as the crisis deepens, and we're facing determined, hard-nosed and financially privileged opponents, we need increased professional help - and, ultimately - it looks increasingly likely - from the legal world.

Wildlife that will be lost when quarrying begins
- click here)

Why this Hill?

HISTORY: the Gillies Hill is part of the official Historic Scotland Battle of Bannockburn battlefield. Why? Because it was here that Bruce stationed his Ghillies, or cooks, grooms, smiths, etc, before the Battle - the "Sma' Folk" that the poet Barbour called them in his 14th century poem . The name 'Gillies' comes from that Gaelic word ghillies. These ghillies, according to what's been passed down to us over the centuries, following the 2-day battle initially from the Hill, descended in droves, as the Battle moved Scotland's way. The English, alarmed by the number and the noise from them (perhaps banging pots and pans and waving rags like flags) thought them Scots reinforcements, and, legend has it, fled the field.

FLORA: the number of Ancient Woodland indicator species on the Hill is sufficient to classify the Hill as an Ancient Woodland.

PROTECTED WILDLIFE: native animals such as red squirrels, badgers, pine martens, and peregrine falcons live on the Hill.

LEISURE & RECREATION: the Hill is heavily used by walkers, runners, mountain bikers and rock climbers. In 2012, over 40,000 visitors to the Hill were statistically recorded.

PROXIMITY: think how close the quarry area is at present to Cambusbarron: most people don't realise this. They may walk past the Murrayshall side and think the quarry doesn't look too bad; but if you enter the site, or approach it from the woodland side, you'd be appalled at the vastness of what's already been taken away. And - think what is likely to happen if the quarriers get new or revised planning permission. It's no exaggeration to say that the whole Hill may well disappear over the next 60+ years. And then, think of a land-fill site, where what was once our beautiful woodland is filled up for another 100+ years with rubbish.

TRAFFIC: the 2007 would-be quarriers referred to 100+ lorries a day travelling to and from Murrayshall. Think, if you can, of the impact of those on Polmaise Road, on Torbrex Road, on the Kings Park area, or Cambusbarron Main Street - and think, too, of the schools near these roads.

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