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Save Gillies Hill is a community organisation and registered charity (#SC038687) in Central Scotland, attempting to protect the historic and environmentally beautiful Gillies Hill from destruction by quarrying, or intrusive development, thus preserving the habitat, heritage and history of the Hill for present and future generations.   Reflecting public opinion as expressed in donations, letters, e-mails, calendar-sales, attendance at meetings, above all, at our annual protest March of the Gillies when, led by pipers under the excellent leadership of Stewart Marshall, and with Strathleven Artisans dressed superbly as Robert the Bruce and his army, we march through Cambusbarron, up and through the Gillies Hill, to the Borestone where we are addressed by prominent speakers, we specifically want to stop the re-activation of quarrying on the Hill  -  permanently.  We also aim:


The mission statement of the group is to preserve the Gillies Hill, its habitat, wildlife and heritage for current and future generations; and allow the community to purchase the Gillies Hill.