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Camapaign and Community Events

Tuesday 22nd November 2016

On 24th June Patersons Quarries Ltd decided that Stirling Council were not going to make a decision on their application to resume quarrying on Gillies Hill quickly enough and submitted a ‘Non-Determination Appeal’ to the Scottish Government. A ‘Non Determination Appeal’ can arise if the Planning Authority takes longer than a mutually agreed time to decide on an application.
The appeal will now be handled by a Reporter based in the Department of Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) who will consider the application from scratch, although he will take into account previous submissions made by Stirling Council and all the objectors. Stirling Council are obliged to pass on to the Reporter all the objections that they received when they were the planning authority, so nobody has to re-submit their objection.
Members of the CCC and SGH have been working hard to make sure all of our objections and documentation are indeed received by the Reporter.
The hearing will be heard on November 22nd in Cambusbarron Community Centre, starting at 10 00 hours.

 We urge as many folks as possible to attend.  It would be great to have a super presence at the meeting.You cannot speak at this hearing ( The Speakers have previously arranged this with the Reporter)  It is hoped that the hearings will only need one day, with a site visit on the 23rd November.

For information on any of the above, or on any other aspect of the campaign, speak to any Committee member, or phone 07816 463098 or 01786 463098; or check out our website: Here, amongst lots more, you'll find the latest Gillies Hill Memories, wherein supporters share their stories, reflections and thoughts about this evocative landscape.