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Patersons have re-applied to
operate the quarry

No doubt you are all aware that Patersons have re-applied to operate the quarry and their revised submission is now subject to a Review Of Mineral Planning (ROMP) by Stirling Council. The ROMP has been ongoing for several months now and during this period we have submitted a new petition and several letters to Planning furthering our argument. We have also had two meetings with Planning again to discuss the negative impact reactivating the quarry will cause to our environment and social well being.
In conjunction with this we have also had several discussions, and editorials, with the Stirling Observer highlighting our case.
Various letters have been sent to the Stirling Council the latest being  as follows:

Stirling Council
Planning Department
Teith House
Kerse Road
Attention: Jane Brooks-Burnett-Senior Planning Manager

April 29, 2019
Dear Jane,
Murrayshall Quarry.
I have been reflecting on the harmful effects that quarrying will cause to the environment and wildlife of the woodlands around Cambusbarron, all of which were highlighted in our EIA, and I now respectfully question how quarrying can meet or mitigate all the requirements of The Wildlife and Country Act 1981 (as amended) re birds, as all wild birds in the UK are protected in various ways throughout the year.
Scottish Natural Heritage detail the matters which would be in breach of the law, damage, destruction, interference or disturbance of fauna (which is in abundance and covers a multitude of birds and animals), plants and fungi, amphibians and reptiles in the woodlands which would be destroyed by quarrying.
I would like to know how blasting and the destruction of woodland does not detrimentally affect any of the foregoing at various times throughout the year and fly in the face of the raft of new polices since planning was given in the eighties.
Scotland has only 18% of our land area covered in trees compared to our European neighbours who have around 36%. The Scottish Government’s’ ambition is to increase Scotland’s woodland cover from the current 18% to 21% by 2032 so again no benefit to our Government in their aims if quarrying goes ahead as we will lose in excess of 60 acres of woodland.
The Scottish Government’s’ policy only supports woodland removal where it would achieve significant and clearly defined public benefits. I think we can safely say that the residents in Cambusbarron, Torbrex, St Ninians or Kings Park will see no benefits whatsoever, in fact only harm.
Quarrying whilst necessary, I respectfully suggest should now only be permissible where it has the least impact to life in all its forms.
Yours sincerely,
Iain Munro – Chair & Treasurer
Save Gillies Hill


Important Notice to all Stirling Citizens.

Petition to protect your Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

Please send a message directly to Stirling Council Planning Department opposing a new access road at Murrayshall Quarry, Cambusbarron which in turn, will in all probability allow the quarry to be reactivated inflicting a long term damaging effect on all residents and visitors in the Kings Park, Torbrex and St Ninians areas.

HGV Horror.

Members and supporters of our charity have been working tirelessly over the past eleven years in an attempt to save the woodlands around Cambusbarron from further destruction by the reactivation of Murrayshall Quarry.
The woodland is home to all sorts of fauna and florae and is enjoyed daily by children, walkers, climbers, mountain bikers, bird watchers, campers and geologists.
Just as important as saving the woodland is saving the citizens of Stirling from the long term suffering, that we will all be affected by, as 20 to 30 tonne HGV’s trundle back and forward through the streets of Stirling for the next 15 to 20 years. This will have a harmful effect to the environment, our wellbeing and put the health and safety of residents at risk.
As a new planning application to access the quarry has been submitted to Stirling Council we respectfully request your agreement of our petition by sending a message direct to the Council for all the reasons detailed therein.

Iain Munro. Chair & Treasurer : Save Gillies Hill.

We are trying to save the beautiful, popular and historic Gillies Hill in Cambusbarron, Stirlingshire, Scotland from being destroyed by the reactivation of quarrying. (For Latest News - Click Here)
Save Gillies Hill -  has helped preserve the Hill since 2007 when re-activation of quarrying was threatened. But that threat is now extreme, with two new quarriers in the frame.

We need to raise several thousand pounds as quickly as possible: the campaign in the past required considerable expense; but now, as the crisis deepens, and we're facing determined, hard-nosed and financially privileged opponents, we need increased professional help - and, ultimately - it looks increasingly likely - from the legal world.

Wildlife that will be lost when quarrying begins
- click here)

Why this Hill?

HISTORY: the Gillies Hill is part of the official Historic Scotland Battle of Bannockburn battlefield. Why? Because it was here that Bruce stationed his Ghillies, or cooks, grooms, smiths, etc, before the Battle - the "Sma' Folk" that the poet Barbour called them in his 14th century poem . The name 'Gillies' comes from that Gaelic word ghillies. These ghillies, according to what's been passed down to us over the centuries, following the 2-day battle initially from the Hill, descended in droves, as the Battle moved Scotland's way. The English, alarmed by the number and the noise from them (perhaps banging pots and pans and waving rags like flags) thought them Scots reinforcements, and, legend has it, fled the field.

FLORA: the number of Ancient Woodland indicator species on the Hill is sufficient to classify the Hill as an Ancient Woodland.

PROTECTED WILDLIFE: native animals such as red squirrels, badgers, pine martens, and peregrine falcons live on the Hill.

LEISURE & RECREATION: the Hill is heavily used by walkers, runners, mountain bikers and rock climbers. In 2012, over 40,000 visitors to the Hill were statistically recorded.

PROXIMITY: think how close the quarry area is at present to Cambusbarron: most people don't realise this. They may walk past the Murrayshall side and think the quarry doesn't look too bad; but if you enter the site, or approach it from the woodland side, you'd be appalled at the vastness of what's already been taken away. And - think what is likely to happen if the quarriers get new or revised planning permission. It's no exaggeration to say that the whole Hill may well disappear over the next 60+ years. And then, think of a land-fill site, where what was once our beautiful woodland is filled up for another 100+ years with rubbish.

TRAFFIC: the 2007 would-be quarriers referred to 100+ lorries a day travelling to and from Murrayshall. Think, if you can, of the impact of those on Polmaise Road, on Torbrex Road, on the Kings Park area, or Cambusbarron Main Street - and think, too, of the schools near these roads.

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